Our Heritage

Founded in 1916, we are a brand, a family and a farm that is redefining the industry through innovative practices and an unwavering commitment to sustainability and clean beauty.

4 Generations. 3 Sisters. 1 Farm.


Elaine, Jacqueline and Allison Taylor with their father, Richard Taylor, and grandson Samuel

Four Generations

Tradition Meets Innovation

With an ancestral legacy that began in 1916, our great grandfather farmed the rich soils of Northern California, laying the seeds for four generations of family-operated farming. At the heart of the harvests, luscious purple-red, California plums. In 1985 the our family shifted to organic farming methods and expanded operations to Asia and Europe. In our travels with our father, we discovered how the culture of the Caucasus region of Western Asia regards the dried plum as the “Fruit of Life”. In 2014, we reexamined the skincare benefits of the farm’s main commodity and partnered with two world-renowned beauty labs creating the first Le Prunier Product, the Plum Beauty Oil.

While maintaining the family’s sustainable, organic farming practices, we unlocked the extraordinary beauty benefits of this powerful fruit. Handcrafted from the our sun-drenched plum orchards, Le Prunier is a most precious and powerful oil for face, body, and beyond. Today, we still carry on the farm’s legacy with a 4th generation perspective—tradition meets innovation.


Continuing the Family Tradition

the three sisters


Allison has an extensive background in Marketing, Brand Development and Management. She studied Communications and Sociology at the University of Southern California and honed her artistic design skills at Parsons New School of Design in New York. Prior to the development of Le Prunier, Allison worked with companies such as Giorgio Armani, Mother Denim, and STX Entertainment. She also has experience working within film, television and music. Her acute eye for design, entrepreneurial sensibilities and genuine love for all things health + wellness has finally culminated into her most exciting project yet.


Jacqueline entered UCLA as a Pre-Med Biopsychology major for Dermatology and has always been extremely passionate about skincare. She is also a graduate of Living Light Culinary Institute where her passion for health and wellness was fully realized. Prior to Le Prunier, Jacqueline worked at Mayfield Fund, a Venture Capital firm in Menlo Park. She is currently developing proprietary processes on the amazing benefits of Plum Beauty Oil. Her diverse background in the sciences and culinary arts has enabled her to focus much of her efforts on byproduct innovation and R&D for Le Prunier.


Elaine graduated from the University of San Francisco and received a B.S. in Business Administration - International Business. While at USF she studied abroad in Beijing, China where she applied her Mandarin language studies. After college Elaine joined the international sales, operations and client relations division of her family’s food products business. Elaine then joined VC-backed Juicero and later Halo Top Creamery. While at Halo Top, she helped manage international sales and operations. With these experiences Elaine was ready to return to Le Prunier where she helps lead sales and operations.


Our Roots

Our 105-year-old Northern California family farm along the Feather River spans 2,500 acres and has the perfect terroir consisting of Mediterranean climate, deep rich loam soil and mild to warm temperatures which make it ideal for growing deciduous fruit trees. The abundance of available river and ground water guarantee we have enough to sufficiently irrigate our orchards during their seven month growing season.

Our family has been committed to organic farming since the 1980’s - long before the term was a household phrase. We are an herbicide-free farm meaning our soil is extremely healthy plus we use all natural methods for fertilization including compost, cover crops, fertilizer and heat-treated chicken manure. We never test on animals and are Cruelty-Free PETA certified as well!

We operate as a vertically integrated regenerative farm dedicated to the full control of our supply chain from raw materials through to manufacturing. We use 100% up-cycled plum kernels which were previously a waste byproduct and have committed ourselves to eliminating waste by discovering innovative and sustainable plum-based ingredients using byproducts from our family farm.

certified organic

vegan and cruelty free

Sustainable & FSC Certified

all natural

Women-Owned Business

Women-Owned Business

the plum

“The Ultimate Superfood”, plums are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, great for all skin types.


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